Frequently Asked Questions

The activation link will be sent to your email address immediately after registration. If you do not have it in your inbox, please check the spam folder.

The program is dedicated mainly to autistic children aged 3-6 years old and people who are at the same level of development.

The program can be launched on tablets, iPads, smartphones, and iPhones as well as computers and laptops.

Experienced psychologists worked on creating the application. The main ABA Therapist, Consultant & Designer is Bartłomiej Opaliński. The program is based on an effective methodology – (ABA) Applied Behavior Analysis.

ABA Programs are designed to be suitable for autistic children aged 3-6 years old and for people who are at the same developmental level. After completion of the Baseline Assessment, ABA DrOmnibus adapts to the child’s level and presents the tasks with which the child has
the greatest difficulties.

All statistics are in the Panel, to which the supervisor has access. You will be redirected to the Panel when you log in from the website. However, if you have already run the program, you can also go to the Panel by clicking the green “Panel” button in the upper right corner.

Thanks to the automatic tracking of results in DrOmnibus, the application can give you an overview based on a variety of variables after any completed task. The system tracks both general and specific data about each child’s work.

The collected data can be filtered to display charts concerning specific types of trials and time ranges.The overview can be printed or saved in a PDF format.

ABA DrOmnibus has no limit on the number of devices on which it can be installed. However, keep in mind that the specific amount of children’s accounts in the program depends on the
type of subscription you choose when you make the purchase.

Yes, internet access is required.

Yes, therapists can also add comments on the child’s profile that will be visible to other therapists working with the same child to improve the effectiveness of the therapy.

Additional resources for offline therapy are available under the Resources tab located in the
top of the ABA DrOmnibus Pro homepage. These include guidance materials, lesson plans, coloring sheets, and cut-outs.

Yes, the Therapy Plus feature allows you to synchronize the work of the parent and therapist in real-time. Thanks to such a combination, the child’s tasks will not be repeated when practicing separately with the therapist and at home with the parent. The results will be recorded on both the therapist’s and the parent’s account, so you can continue to work under
the management of each supervisor.

No, the test period is completely safe and does not extend automatically after 10 days.

To extend your purchase, go to the Panel and click your name in the upper right corner. Then select the Payments tab. Please refer to example in the image below:

The Home version is dedicated to the parent and child at home. The Pro version is a variant prepared for therapists, clinics and schools. Both versions offer the same games, while the Pro version includes a more extensive panel with statistics and reports. Also, the Pro version abounds in additional materials that can also be used in offline therapy.