Let’s practice logical thinking. New games are available!
25 May 2017
Ewa Kochańska
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Help your child practice logical thinking with a set new games in ABA DrOmnibus: Activities and Matching Pictures.

How to recognise someone who is happy or someone who is sad? How to name activities and match pictures? New games are now available in the Inclusive Education app. They focus on developing cognitive skills, especially logical thinking, and social skills related to everyday functioning.

All games feature questions and answers illustrated with photographs to make it easier for children to develop their knowledge and improve the rate at which they generalise the newly-acquired information.

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We have increased the level of difficulty in Matching Pictures by removing the voice that read out the name of each object to be matched and by introducing different categories of objects to be matched.

The Activities quiz allows children to develop knowledge about and understanding of basic everyday activities.

Emotions (Photo) complement the Emotions games featured in Inclusive Education. A combination of photos and pictures creates a comprehensive set that develops the ability to identify other people’s emotions based on facial expressions.

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